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Gillett EnviroTrade Account Application


    Business Information


    Contact Details


    Details of Directors / Partners / Controlling Individual

    Where a personal guarantee is being provided by the individual(s) named above, for the purposes of the Account Terms they shall be referred to as ‘the Guarantors’ and each ‘a Guarantor’.


    Bank Details




    The legally binding contract between the parties on which basis the trade account is based is comprised of this Form together with the Account Terms enclosed herewith (and any documents referred to therein including the Skip Hire Terms and the Sale of Goods Terms (together ‘the Specific Terms’)) (‘the Contract’). Prior to this Contract coming into force in force, this Form must be signed and returned to GEL either (i) in person or via post to the address first set out above; or (ii) via email to

    By signing below, I hereby warrant that I am duly authorised to do so for and on behalf of the Customer and have read, understood and agree to the Account Terms (and the Specific Terms) enclosed herewith (with particular attention having been given to clauses 3, 7 and 8 on the downloadable pdf terms)


    As the provider(s) of a personal guarantee

    * Where a personal guarantee is being provided by the above named individuals, this Form must be signed by each below, indicating that they:
    > Have been given the opportunity to and have obtained legal advice; and
    > Agree to provide a personal guarantee under the Account Terms on a personal basis,
    > Having particular regard to clause 6.