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All Cardboard is recovered from all received waste streams and is baled mechanically into mill-sized bales ready to be shipped to various locations around the world.

We only use verified routes to ensure the upmost compliance on our waste recovery.

The waste cardboard will be pulped and reformed into new cardboard ready to be used again.

Following this process means your waste cardboard is 100% recycled.

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Other Recycling Services...


We are proud to process more plastic than any other waste management facility in Lancashire, reducing the amount of plastic making its way to landfill and our oceans. Our specialist team separates the various grades of plastic and this is sent to various reprocessing facilities globally where it is made into new products.


All wood is recovered from our mixed waste stream and processed either to form new products, or in energy from waste plants, including our state of the art WID compliant biomass boiler. The remainder is sent to larger plants for energy production – Special rates apply for wood only loads coming into our facility.


All ferrous and non ferrous metals are recovered and sent for re-processing- Special rates apply for all scrap metals.


All concrete, brick slate and stone is recovered, screened and crushed at our waste management facility, and tested to provide a high quality recycled aggregate, used widely in construction projects.