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Gillett Environmental have many years experience in waste wood recycling – Our in house team successfully extract all waste wood from mixed waste streams received – This waste wood is then processed into Biomass fuel which is used on site to power our facility.

This means your waste wood is turned into a 100% recoverable fuel and replaces the need for fossil fuels – This also mitigates transport to and from our site which helps reduce our environmental impact.

Our Biomass facility is one of the UK’s first WID compliant Biomass Boilers which holds a SWIP permit. There is no other plant in Lancashire the same!

What does this mean?

This means we are able to safely incinerate Grades A, B and C waste wood ( from pallets to kitchen worktops ).

Grades B and C waste wood would previously be sent to large powerplants for incineration however this could mean sending this material to another country which has a huge carbon footprint!

Our system has continuous emissions monitoring to ensure our fluegas is regulated and never exceeding legal limits.

To find out more or to visit our plant please feel free to contact us

Other Recycling Services...


All card is mechanically recovered from the mixed waste streams. This is baled and sent to specialist reprocessing facilities around the world. We have attractive rates for tipping of cardboard.


We are proud to process more plastic than any other waste management facility in Lancashire, reducing the amount of plastic making its way to landfill and our oceans. Our specialist team separates the various grades of plastic and this is sent to various reprocessing facilities globally where it is made into new products.


All ferrous and non ferrous metals are recovered and sent for re-processing- Special rates apply for all scrap metals.


All concrete, brick slate and stone is recovered, screened and crushed at our waste management facility, and tested to provide a high quality recycled aggregate, used widely in construction projects.